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FunkibanzTM: Kids Ankle Bracelets

Stretch Ankle Bracelets Made Just for Kids

Funk up your kidsí style with a funkibanz stretch ankle bracelet. Yes, the colorful, kid-friendly CrocsTM shoes accessory becomes a fun kidís ankle bracelet too.

From Shoe Strap to Ankle Band

Just use the neon coil ring provided with the purchase of funkibanz and attach through each hole at the ends of your banz to connect. A favorite JibbitzTM can also be used to connect the ends.

Funkibanz are lots of fun and they let your kids show their personality, creativity and individuality. Your kids will love to swap Ďem, mix and match Ďem and make instant changes anywhere with funkibanz.

Superior to Expensive & Traditional Kids Ankle Bracelets

No need to worry about your kids wanting and then breaking expensive ankle bracelets. Funkibanz are super flexible and make a great stretch ankle bracelet that wonít break when worn by your super-active kid.

Funkibanz are durable and have a unique, double-lined design for stretch and durability.

Manufactured proudly in the U.S., the colorful material is made of ISO Certified HyPUR-CEL® to resist odor-causing bacteria.

Funkibanz has an elastic memory and will retain its shape after stretching. Just lay the funkibanz flat for a few hours after taking it off the Crocs shoe, and it will return to its original shape. Try it. You'll see!

All of that makes funkibanz ankle bracelets safe and fun to wear. Plus, they are fully washable, a big bonus for every parent.

Interchangeable Ankle Band

One pair of funkibanz can have so many fun uses:

Kids will love to trade them at school, parties, dance classes, sporting events -- anywhere friends gather. As friendship bracelets, party favors or just a fashionable kids trend, funkibanz are much more than just a Crocs strap.

Bonus Neon Coil Rings Transform funkibanz into Wrist and Ankle Bands

Each pair of funkibanz come with a bonus pair of neon coil rings to make a custom wristband and kids ankle bracelet.

Customized Kids Ankle Bracelets

Available in a choice of styles and designs that you can choose from, make sure you check out the girlís Crocs decoration styles and the personalized styles for boys.

CrocsTM shoes and JibbitzTM shoe charms are trademarks of Crocs, Inc.