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Cool Kids Stuff:  Another Customized Wristband and Trendy Bracelet?

We know what you’re thinking; another trendy bracelet for kids like those Silly Bandz, Crazy Bands and Zanybandz. Why be silly when you can be funki?

No Other Custom Wristband is like funkibanz!

Nothing is cooler than funkibanz! For one, they are more than just a customized wristband; funkibanz are multi-funkable. Funkibanz are graphic CrocsTM bands, stretch ankle bracelets AND custom wristbands all in one.

Bonus Neon Connectors Transform funkibanz to a Wristband

Each pair of funkibanz comes with a bonus pair of neon coil rings to make custom wristbands and kids ankle bracelets.

How to Make a funkibanz Customized Wristband

Kids love to create custom wristbands, using their funkibanz to make trendy bracelets with the colors and styles they adore.

Funkibanz can transform into a wristband or anklet that your kids will love in an instant. Just use the neon coil ring provided with the purchase of funkibanz and attach through each hole at the ends of your banz to connect. A favorite JibbitzTM can also be used to connect the ends. Check out the choices of colors and graphics we have for girls Crocs decoration styles and boys personalized Crocs shoe designs. You’ll see what we mean.

Not only are funkibanz designed FOR kids, they were created by Mom Entrepreneurs, so they have the features that parents care about:

·         Funkibanz non-slip feature provides a firm grip to your existing Crocs heel strap.

·         Funkibanz has an elastic memory and will retain its shape after stretching. Just lay the funkibanz flat for a few hours after taking it off the Crocs shoe, and it will return to its original shape.

·         Funkibanz have NOT been banned from any school.

·         Plus, they are fully washable, which is a big bonus for every parent. Just lay them flat to dry.

Your kids will love to show off their funkibanz at the beach, pool or school. Sold as matching pairs, they also make great friendship bracelets. 

Forget Those Other Trendy Bracelets!

Get fun and funky with funkibanz; the custom wristband made for kids by moms.

CrocsTM  shoes and JibbitzTM shoe charms are trademarks of Crocs, Inc.