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The Birth of funkibanz™ and Mom Entrepreneurs

How a Mom-Owned Business Began With an Idea and Crocs™ on the Beach

We can’t say that we set out to become Entrepreneur Moms, but somehow, that is what happened. Funkibanz started on a cooker (we mean HOT!) summer day during our annual friends and family vacations in Ocean City, Md. As our boys played in the sand and surf, we sat on the beach having our usual conversations about beach houses and dreams. Looking around, we couldn't help but notice that kids everywhere were wearing Crocs. We wondered how we could distinguish our sons’ shoes from all the others around us, besides getting creative with a Sharpie®. That sparked the idea of kids “heelin’” what they're “feelin’,”,personalized Crocs shoes with a funki, cool heel strap that lets kids express themselves.

And so, the concept was born that would eventually become funkibanz.

Becoming Entrepreneur Moms

Being just ordinary moms with almost no money and little experience, we took on the entrepreneurial challenge and plunged ahead in trying to make our visions become reality. Our first prototypes were made by cutting neoprene drink koozies by hand and strapping them to our sons’ Crocs sandals.

Once we saw what cool style it gave the shoes and how excited our sons were, we quickly realized it was time to stop talking, get down to business and become momtrepreneurs. We knew an important first step was to bring on a graphic designer to create funki strap designs that would appeal to kids. We enlisted the help of a close friend, Missy, who taught herself graphic design and joined the funkibanz adventure.

Momtrepreneurs On the Move!

And that's how it all began! We’re a mom-owned business now, learning the ways of the business world as we go. Every day brings a new challenge, but we wouldn’t change it for anything. We will be sharing with you the trials and tribulations as momtrepreneurs on our “funkibanz: Fun Stuff for Kids,” blog or visit us on Facebook at

We hope you enjoy our banz as much as we do. Let us know what you think. We’d love to hear from you.

Jen & Tina