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Funkibanz: The Coolest Way to Personalize Crocs™ Shoes for Boys

Cool Boys Crocs™ Shoes Get Personalized with Fun Graphics and Styles

Are you tired of hunting through the huge pile of discarded boys’ shoes at birthday parties, the pool, beach or sporting events? Have you ever found your kids wearing another kid’s pair of Crocs™ shoes because they couldn’t tell them apart? Then you need funkibanz -- the fun and easy way to personalize boy’s Crocs slip-on shoes.

Personalize Your Boy’s Crocs™ Slip-on Shoes

Funkibanz attach over the existing heel strap of your boy’s Crocs™ shoes.

Funkibanz are designed for your boy’s active life with styles, colors and graphics he loves. Just check out the designs available to personalize his Crocs™.

More than Just a Way to Personalize Crocs™ for Boys

Funkibanz can also instantly transform into a custom wristband or kids ankle bracelet your son will love. Each pair of funkibanz comes with a bonus pair of neon coil rings to make a cool wristband or colorful ankle bracelet. Just use the neon coil ring provided with the purchase of funkibanz and attach through each hole at the ends of your banz to connect. A favorite Jibbitz™ can also be used to connect the ends.

For school or parties, funkibanz can be interchanged to fit any outfit, or mix and match them. Coordinate wearing them with a friend or switch them out to match his favorite swimsuit at the beach or pool. Getting personalized has never been this much fun!

Improving Perfection: Personalize Those Crocs!

Crocs™ are a huge favorite with kids, especially at the pool or beach. Comfortable, no laces to tie and washable, it’s no wonder moms and dads love them too.

As Entrepreneur Moms, we designed funkibanz for our boys’ sense of style and for parents’ ease of mind:

  • Funkibanz are completely washable just like the Crocs they personalize.
  • Funkibanz are proudly manufactured in the U.S. and are made of ISO certified material to resist odor-causing bacteria.
  • Funkibanz have a unique, double-lined design for stretch and durability.
  • Funkibanz non-slip feature provides a firm grip to your existing Crocs™ heel strap.
  • Funkibanz has an elastic memory and will retain its shape after stretching. Just lay the funkibanz flat for a few hours after taking it off the Crocs™ shoe, and it will return to its original shape. Try it. You'll see!
  • Plus, like Crocs™, funkibanz are waterproof.

Now your son can leave his personalized Crocs in a huge jumble of shoes without worry. They are the easiest to spot in any pile. Personalize all your Crocs with funkibanz!

Read the funki-blog!

Don’t forget to check out the girls’ styles too! Funkibanz also make pretty Crocs decorations for girls Crocs sandals and clogs.

Crocs™ shoes and Jibbitz™ shoe charms are trademarks of Crocs, Inc.